An Eco Retreat & Training Center for a Life Changing Experience

Due to Covid19, this program is currently on pause. Please refer to this page for future application details. Thank you!

A 3-6 month experience in a personal relationship with nature, jungle, & farming. (In a safe environment, close enough to your cozy residence, in case you change your mind.)

Select from a bizzillion subjects:

  • Your curriculum.
  • Your schedule.
  • Your customized experienced.


108 ways to integrate nature & holistic living into your lifestyle with back-to-the-land basics

Decide over 6 months, what resonates with you. We’ll do our best to develop the logistics for it. You get to create your own experience.


Housing and Food


  • 1 hr NW of Ubud at Pertiwi House (adjacent to Bali Silent Retreat)
  • ½ hectare of organic gardening space, near the base of Mt. Batu Karu.
  • Pertiwi House is a large comfy 4 bedroom – 5 bath home on ½ hectare, with a Great Room for cooking, dining, and lounging, as well as, a large mezzanine room for yoga/meditation/meetings, etc. It’s on a hill with views of Mt. Agung to the east, Mt. Batu Karu to the north, and the ocean to the south. A separate guest house is available for visiting teachers.


4 private rooms with bathrooms are available.* A mini food-facility can be added to your room (toaster oven and water kettle) for the option of staying in your own privacy.

*One of these rooms can be a shared room situation with 2 people

No Air Con. We believe that it’s Not responsible to using electricity for convenient temperatures. The temperatures here are cool at night — everyone has a down comforter. The temperatures in the day are hot, but usually with breezes.


1 meal/day, (from the famous Bali Silent Retreat kitchen) is delivered to Pertiwi House . You are expected to grow the rest of your food or forage it, as part of your sustainability experience. However, additional BSR meals or organic vegetable can be purchased and delivered to Pertiwi House.

Bali Silent Retreat Facilities


  • Library
  • Grounds (labyrinth, water meditation, jungle path)


  • Meals at BSR Lodge
  • Scheduled BSR Programs (yoga, meditation, agnihotra, hotsprings, temple tours etc.)

The Costs

Costs are being revisited due to Covid’s international impact. We’re establishing scholarships and cost effective programs. Send us an email at with your WhatsApp details. 


  • Project materials and transport costs for curriculum related activities.
  • Private room with ensuite bathroom in a lovely group home.
  • 1 meal/day from Bali Silent Retreat famous foods kitchen.


  • Transportation to and from Bali or Bali Silent Retreat.
  • Transportation for personal activities.
  • Travel insurance, which includes hospitalization and repatriation to your home country in the event you get sick or injured.
  • International Driver’s License if you decide you want to drive.

* Scholarships available. Shared room (2 persons in 1 room) is 50% discount. Inquire about the Hidup Lestari Non-Profit organization for Land Trust and Sustainable Education.


If this sort of experience resonates with you and you want to discuss it further, send an email with your WhatsApp number to — or simply fill in the form below.

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